Singularity Switches X15

$14.990 $35.490
Save 57%
Singularity Switches X15

Singularity Switches X15

$14.990 $35.490

 1 cantidad = 15 switches


- GMK Chaos Theory Extra

- Made by  Tecsee

- Aluminium Housing (Nylon Inside)

- 68G Spring 

- POM Stem (Linear Feedback)

- Rainbow Color

- Each Switch is Unique

Manufacturer is Tecsee
Rainbow aluminum-plated full nylon housings
Linear POM stem (3.9mm travel) color matched to the pink accent of GMK Chaos Theory
68g 15mm standard gold springs
Each switch's rainbow metal plating will be different and appear differently.

These will be reviewed by Sampakpak and Shoobs sometime in October, so look out for that!

This specific colorway of Tecsee's metal plated switches will only run for the GMK Chaos Theory GB and will not be made again.